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What about playing music when your visitors open your Site , that can be Switch on and Switch off by user itself ? I had a post to add background music in our blogger template ,where users couldn't be hand on our music,If the feel its distracting they may be close down your blog at the moment itself.. So i hope this post would be help you to add music into your blogger post using a music player.You can add this one to your background too.Just create a HTML/JAVASCRIPT gadget and paste the below code and Save it.

To add this music in our blog you should have mp3 music file, you can be uploaded your code into any free hosting websites and copy down the mp3 code.

  • Go to Dashboard >> Design >> Add a Gadget .
  • Add the Below code into it.
<embed  src="" width="304" height="30" allowfullscreen="false" flashvars="&file=http://yourmusicurl.mp3&height=30&width=305&showeq=false&autostart=true&repeat=false&shuffle=false&volume=100"></embed>
  • You should replace the mp3 code with your mp3 file URL.
  • Save it and Publish.
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See the Example Below :

By : Sooji


  1. You can use any free Hosting websites to upload your music.
    I suggest you
    Get the Source code and replace it in the above code.
    After paste it into your Blog post and Publish out.

  2. Why would i put it in 'add a gadget'?

  3. When you Put this one in a Gadget ,then it acts like a Background Music for your blog.!It will automatically play when your readers open any post in blog,just like your other gadgets open!

  4. where is other websites for the new song... that easily to be uploaded..

  5. I used your code .However it plays on my laptop but not when others open it .

  6. @Anonymous
    It need Flash Player to play the player and Music URL should be working one.!

  7. Can we add the song more than one in the the code bellow?If can Pls tell me. thank you in advance.

  8. @Tutor
    May be , There so many methods to add music in blog other than this one !

  9. Some good points here, had great time reading this. Thanks.



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