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Google adsense is the main revenue for almost all free content published blogs, but recently adblock kill us our main source of revenue. Though Adblocker give readers a new uncluttered reading experience. But it prevent us from paying our living expenses and no justification for giving the content as free to everyone without any return.

How it works ?

When a user enter into your blog, the script you pasted in your blog will check whether the reader has enabled adblocker or not. Once it found adblocker has enabled, script inject a <div>
tag and overlay a white background over your content and display a warning message to disable adblocker .
Warning message will  disappear only once your reader disable the adblocker.

The script detect the adblocker and stop them reading your content until they disable their adblocker installed on browser.

How to add script in Blogger ?

  1. Download the script from above button, or click here to download.
  2. Go to your blogger layout & Click on Add a gadget.
  3. Select HTML/Javascript from popup window.
  4. Paste the script in it without any header.

Now, Stop your readers from accessing your free contents in your blog with adblocker enabled.

Best 15 Alternatives For Google Adsense

To make money from blog,the first thing comes to our mind is Google adsense. I recommend Google adsense as your primary ad network for your blog.

Why Google Adsense

  • Google adsense is run by Google,  one of the top tech company in the world.
  • Offers the best payment for each click.
  • They get more number of advertisers (high paying).
  • Integrate with Google Analytics
What if your Google adsense request got rejected for several times or got banned ?  Its time to think about best alternatives.Here i list 15 best high paying ad-networks.

Think About 15 Best Alternatives 

  1.  Yahoo Bing Publisher Network
  2.  InfoLinks
  3. RevenueHits
  4. Chitika
  5. Buysell Ads
  6. Qadabra 
  7.  Kontera
  8. Clicksor
  9. Adversal
  10. Vibrant Media 
  11. LinkWorth
  12. Bidvertiser 
  13. MatomySEO 
  14. Viglink
  15. Skimlinks
 Feell free to share your experience with these networks.




Make Your Css Readable And Legible Easily

As a blogger and web designer i had confronted many CSS files which are illegible and unreadable. For example if you deal with twitter bootstrap framework,you get CSS files which are illegible as they are one-line and they are very hard to edit each properties and elements in it.

If you are beginner on web designing you might be visited and viewed source files of many websites,but unfortunately most of their CSS files are are not in a proper order to read easily.

This post will help those beginners in css who are trouble to read one-line css code.

They are many online tools available in Internet to make your css readable,legible and clean. I"ll list few of them here.

Lemme know any alternative methods or websites which you are using while encounter with illegible css .

How To Switch Back To Old Adsense Interface

The Google adsense new home page has been completely revamped to improve user experience which brings along a set of features into homepage,such as scorecard,performance,platform reports,,finalized earnings and estimated earnings.

The new homepage comes with more cleaner design which is easy to navigate and it is more intuitive.
But some of us are really not satisfied with new interface,but don't worry! Adsense provide you an option to revert back into old interface.
Here we Go !

  1. Click on "Revert To Previous Home Page" at the Left-bottom of home page.
  2. Choose "Opt out" from the menu .
  3. Google will ask your feedback , if you any suggestion or feedback ,just hit "YES" else "No.
  4. Now, Enjoy Old Google Interface !

Learn Google Webmaster Tools

Google webmaster tools are vital tool for bloggers who can index their status of blog in Google search results,update site maps,view statistics of GoogleBot, get list of broken links,errors  etc. Google webmaster tool can be used to customize your blogs search results in Google. For running a successful blog,you should know about all the tools available in Google webmaster.

Google itself providing many useful articles,videos and forums for webmasters and bloggers. Google needs quality website with quality SEO(Stay away from blackhats). For doing this job nicely, you have to be mastered with their tools.
Let me provide you some resources where you can learn more about Google Webmaster Tools.

  • Google Webmaster Tool YouTube Channel.
  1. WebmasterTool Help
  2.  Webmaster Academy 
I recommend you to subscribe this channel,because the head of Google web team, Matt will upload trendy videos which we wish to get answered.You will be updated about trends in Google search changes.
I strongly recommend this help resources.You must go through all the sub-links to get know about all the features and tools available in Google webmaster tool. This is the real source i personally used to know about how to use a tool.
If Google update their algorithms or any updates about Google searches will be posted firstly on this blog. So keep updated with every changes in Google world.

Google Official webmaster forum can be used to ask any doubts,errors and anything related to SEO and Google search results etc. Always remember that,search for your query and ensure that such questions are not repeated.
Third party, reputed website in web world which seriously post articles on SEO.
I didn't attended this course,but if you are still not able to use Google webmaster tool easily,you can attend this course. Remember it is paid course,So i don't recommend this one.

This is an official PDF file on "Google SEO Starter Guide" by Google.You must go through this article before your next blog post :) . It talks about real SEO but not related about learning about TOOLS in webmaster. But i felt this PDF will be very helpful for your SEO of blog.

How To Learn Google Analytics Online

Google analytics is a powerful tool to evaluate and analyze your traffic on your blog.It provides you all the statistics about where your visitor from,how many clicks he had,how did he behaves in your blog,what they are looking for etc. But you may find bit difficulty to navigate through google analytics dashboard and goals.Though its simple to use and see,it probably won't give you all the details you need.

This blog post takes you through few sources to learn more about google analytics platform,and you can use google analytics like a pro.

1. Google Support :
Google support will help you  to understand google analytics more better than any other basic tutorials available on internet. Some beginners needed step by step guidance to assist them.Then this is the best one!

2. : One of the best source to learn how to use Google Analytics platform to understand your visitors user experience in your website,how they are navigating through your website,marketting effectiveness and evaluate the information about your visitors.

Topics Include :
  • Setting up an account
  • Installing tracking code on a site
  • Reading the dashboard and understanding high-level metrics
  • Understanding how visitors use and navigate web site content
  • Analyzing visitor and traffic source reports
  • Tracking AdWords and other marketing campaigns
  • Planning and configuring goals
  • Utilizing segmentation for deeper analysis
  • Understanding the raw data and how it's collected
  • Selecting and comparing date ranges
  • Using flow visualization to see how visitors navigate through a site
  • Identifying slow-performing pages
  • Performing real-time analysis
  • Using annotations and other best practices
  • Configuring and analyzing internal site search
  • Determining the best report view to use
  • Navigating reports with tabs
  • Cleaning up data with inline filters
  • Sharing data and reports ....
Click here to start learn Google analytics tutorial from

21 Tips To Get Adsense Approval For Your Blog

Many of us do apply adsense for monetizing our blogs/websites, and among those 90% gets rejected by the adsense crew, Some may even take a wild path by creating another email account and tries again, but alas, the result would be same, rejected.!! and Thats the moment at which they thinks to seize their blogging. 
I really don't have a shortcut recipe for adsense approval, but i do have few tips, which most of you might be unaware or unnoticed. Following these simple steps could help your blog's adsense approval. 
First of all,don't feel dejected after your adsense got rejected,because you are not within the terms of adsense. Don't be late to check out your email to know what went wrong in your blog/website. Google adsense team is so kind that, they informs you the reason behind rejection. 
  1. Use Professional or Minimal design for your blog, because it makes things easy for your reader and Google. Don't fill your blog with fancy stuffs like background sound,fancy mouse pointers,glittering texts etc, because it makes your blog laggy,  increase page load time which annoys user. Make the Google adsense team and your user impressed with your design and work. 
  2. Navigations are veins of a website, it is the most essential part. Make sure that it is clean and user friendly. 
  3. A messy Sidebar could mess with your adsense approval, Thus don't fill your Sidebar with live,fancy widgets.Just use a 'popular posts' , 'categories' and a subscription box.It is more than enough in a sidebar. 
  4. The word copycat should not be in a bloggers dictionary, copying content from any other websites is strictly a violation of adsense terms. Google Adsense demands fresh,genuine,relevant,unique and quality contents from bloggers. 
  5. Don't think about monetizing your work before perfect time arrives. wait until you get some returning users, wait until your site rank gets increased and then monetize. 
  6. Avoid copyrighted images,videos,and scripts.Don't copy down images from Google search,Bing and other search engines as it is a serious violation of adsense terms. 
  7. Don't make your blog post short,and not so lengthy. Around 400-500 characters are good and standard. Always keep in mind that you are writing for humans, not for computers. 
  8. Before applying for adsense,make sure that your blog have enough content (around 40-50 quality post) and traffic. Many applications are rejected by the reason of "In sufficient content". 
  9. It is recommended not to use any other ads networks at the time you applys for adsense . 
  10. Make sure that your blog/website contains adsense approved languages only. 
  11. Use a custom domain for your blog,just to assure the adsense team that you are a serious blogger. 
  12. None of us love to read a website which contains mature content with family, so does adsense, except that it never likes a mature website. So it is recommended to make your content family-safe. Avoid content like 'buttocks,close-ups of breast,provocative poses,see-through clothing and strategically covered nudity and other mature content. Also see prohibited content . 
  13. Avoid too much images in a single post. I've seen so many with too much images in a single post , especially in fashion blogs. If you want to show your works or something using a set of images you could always approach flickr or picasa for creating slideshot of desired pics. Remember,Google bot crawl only those content with text not images. 
  14. Make following your work easy for your users by creating an RSS Feed for your website/blog, which acts like an automated sitemap for your site. 
  15. Feedbacks are well and good, Integrate your blog with your personal Google+ account. which in-turn increase your back-links and gives you a little support for adsense approval. 
  16. Don't forget to submit your sitemap so that Google could keep track of your site's activities, which results in your site's ranking incrementation. in order to submit your sitemap to Google  you should use Google webmasters tools. You could also use Google analytics for SEO purpose. 
  17. Update Your Blog at least twice in a week. 
  18. It is recommended that you should use an responsive design for your site, or at least have a mobile version as they are in a pursuit of becoming the primary internet device. 
  19. Never send request for Google adsense until your blog customization finishes (Under construction) or in beta condition. 
  20. Never forget to read TOS and policies of Google adsense . 
  21. And finally, your users are your cash, don't disappoint them. 
Also visit Google Adsense Help Center. If your blog is ready and comply all Google policy,Just apply for Adsense 
Feel free to ask question at comment section below. 

Google Web Designer Tool To Develop HTML5 and Ads

Google has launched beta version of 'Google Web Designer' tool for building interactive HTML5 websites and ads. You can create animations(like frame to frame animations in adobe flash), 3D manipulated contents, and preview it in browser,Once you created your design/content, GWD will generate clean HTML5 code and later this code can be added into your website/blogger blog.

Preview From Google Web Designer Tool - Copyright to Google

Even though it have't much tools in sight,a professional designer can create amazing contents using Google Web Designer tool.It have clean user interface,panels are fixed at right place.You are allowed to customize the positions of panels.

It is now officially available for free download for mac and windows (Not released Linux version).
Google has recommend  4 GB Ram memory with screen resolution 1920x1080,but minimum 2 GB RAM  with 1280x1024 as system requirements.

You can download this tool from Google Web designer Official website.It is free and very easy to download on your computer.

See the Support Links to know how to get started .

How To Add Twitter Timeline Widgets On Blog

Twitter is more conscious about twitter widgets and tweet buttons for websites and blogs.As part of this  twitter developed more features on their widgets.Earlier times,there had only Tweets widgets which displays your tweets. Today morning,twitter introduced new widgets for favorite tweets,List tweets and Hash tag search.
And you can publish any users timeline tweets (public) on your websites.

How To Add this Widget on your Blog ?

  • Go to Widgets settings on your twitter account. ( .
  • Click on 'Create new" button on right side  of the particular page.
  • Choose your  Timeline source, and scroll down your page and click on 'Create Widget' button.
  • Copy down the Code and Paste in HTML/Java script Box in your Blog.
  • Now Go to --> Layout --> Click on 'Add a Gadget'  --> and Choose HTML/Javascript widget from the list.
  • Paste this code and Save. Refresh your blog and see your tweets on your blog.

How to Upload animated GIF image to blogger

 In fact many bloggers uses third party websites to upload animated (Gif format ) images to add in blog post. Blogger Image uploads are powered by picasa and it hasn't longer accepted animated images . 

Picasa says animated images are some PSD files are exception .
But today i have uploaded an animated image on picasa via blogger (Like , usual upload static images to blog post)  and works fine. 

Just check out Here. This is True !!!!!!

- Picasa web Album supports major image file formats.Click here to know  supported image formats .

Troubleshoot :
  • How To Upload Animated Image in Blogger ? 

                Just Like you upload Static Images to blog Post.

  • My Images aren't animating in Blog post.
               Ensure your image is in GIF format ( extension .gif) and animated before uploading to blog.

  • White Background for animated Images,which aren't before uploading to blog post.
               Make Transparent Image Show Up As Transparent In Blogger

  • Still doesn't animated, feel free to ask in Picasa Web forum.
  • Still, then sorry .Your animated file aren't supported by Picasa.Tryt Third party websites ( Like Photobucket,imgur ) to upload animated images and Get html code and paste in blog post (HTML mode) .

I successfully Uploaded animated GIF image in this post (created in Adobe Photoshop cs5 Extended ) .
What about You ? Comment on it.