How To Switch Back To Old Adsense Interface

The Google adsense new home page has been completely revamped to improve user experience which brings along a set of features into homepage,such as scorecard,performance,platform reports,,finalized earnings and estimated earnings.

The new homepage comes with more cleaner design which is easy to navigate and it is more intuitive.
But some of us are really not satisfied with new interface,but don't worry! Adsense provide you an option to revert back into old interface.
Here we Go !

  1. Click on "Revert To Previous Home Page" at the Left-bottom of home page.
  2. Choose "Opt out" from the menu .
  3. Google will ask your feedback , if you any suggestion or feedback ,just hit "YES" else "No.
  4. Now, Enjoy Old Google Interface !

By : Hasi Haseeb


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