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Google webmaster tools are vital tool for bloggers who can index their status of blog in Google search results,update site maps,view statistics of GoogleBot, get list of broken links,errors  etc. Google webmaster tool can be used to customize your blogs search results in Google. For running a successful blog,you should know about all the tools available in Google webmaster.

Google itself providing many useful articles,videos and forums for webmasters and bloggers. Google needs quality website with quality SEO(Stay away from blackhats). For doing this job nicely, you have to be mastered with their tools.
Let me provide you some resources where you can learn more about Google Webmaster Tools.

  • Google Webmaster Tool YouTube Channel.
  1. WebmasterTool Help
  2.  Webmaster Academy 
I recommend you to subscribe this channel,because the head of Google web team, Matt will upload trendy videos which we wish to get answered.You will be updated about trends in Google search changes.
I strongly recommend this help resources.You must go through all the sub-links to get know about all the features and tools available in Google webmaster tool. This is the real source i personally used to know about how to use a tool.
If Google update their algorithms or any updates about Google searches will be posted firstly on this blog. So keep updated with every changes in Google world.

Google Official webmaster forum can be used to ask any doubts,errors and anything related to SEO and Google search results etc. Always remember that,search for your query and ensure that such questions are not repeated.
Third party, reputed website in web world which seriously post articles on SEO.
I didn't attended this course,but if you are still not able to use Google webmaster tool easily,you can attend this course. Remember it is paid course,So i don't recommend this one.

This is an official PDF file on "Google SEO Starter Guide" by Google.You must go through this article before your next blog post :) . It talks about real SEO but not related about learning about TOOLS in webmaster. But i felt this PDF will be very helpful for your SEO of blog.

By : Hasi Haseeb


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