How To Learn Google Analytics Online

Google analytics is a powerful tool to evaluate and analyze your traffic on your blog.It provides you all the statistics about where your visitor from,how many clicks he had,how did he behaves in your blog,what they are looking for etc. But you may find bit difficulty to navigate through google analytics dashboard and goals.Though its simple to use and see,it probably won't give you all the details you need.

This blog post takes you through few sources to learn more about google analytics platform,and you can use google analytics like a pro.

1. Google Support :
Google support will help you  to understand google analytics more better than any other basic tutorials available on internet. Some beginners needed step by step guidance to assist them.Then this is the best one!

2. : One of the best source to learn how to use Google Analytics platform to understand your visitors user experience in your website,how they are navigating through your website,marketting effectiveness and evaluate the information about your visitors.

Topics Include :
  • Setting up an account
  • Installing tracking code on a site
  • Reading the dashboard and understanding high-level metrics
  • Understanding how visitors use and navigate web site content
  • Analyzing visitor and traffic source reports
  • Tracking AdWords and other marketing campaigns
  • Planning and configuring goals
  • Utilizing segmentation for deeper analysis
  • Understanding the raw data and how it's collected
  • Selecting and comparing date ranges
  • Using flow visualization to see how visitors navigate through a site
  • Identifying slow-performing pages
  • Performing real-time analysis
  • Using annotations and other best practices
  • Configuring and analyzing internal site search
  • Determining the best report view to use
  • Navigating reports with tabs
  • Cleaning up data with inline filters
  • Sharing data and reports ....
Click here to start learn Google analytics tutorial from

3Google Analytics Academy :

This online Video tutorial website is designed by Google for beginners,intermediate webmasters who are looking for a comprehensive introduction to digital analytics.Course consist 22 lessons,it takes would around 4-6 hours to complete the course.
Google will provide a certificate for the course who are passed with 80% or more.You can save and print out the certificate during the course time,And it won't be available after the course.

There will be course forum,google+ community,live hangout with experts are the main attraction of this course.
Course begin on October 8,2013 and ends on October 30,2013.So what are you waiting for ? Register now !!!

4.Ebooks and PDF to learn Google Analytics:

    1. PDF from Calgary - Google Analytics Training
    2. A Beginner's Guide To Google Analytics
    3. Google Analytics - Powerful Simplicity,practical insight.
    4. Regular Expressions For Google Analytics by robbin steif
    5. A Beginners guide to Google Analytics by Ben Barden.
5. Helpful Forum :

By : Hasi Haseeb


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