How to Upload animated GIF image to blogger

 In fact many bloggers uses third party websites to upload animated (Gif format ) images to add in blog post. Blogger Image uploads are powered by picasa and it hasn't longer accepted animated images . 

Picasa says animated images are some PSD files are exception .
But today i have uploaded an animated image on picasa via blogger (Like , usual upload static images to blog post)  and works fine. 

Just check out Here. This is True !!!!!!

- Picasa web Album supports major image file formats.Click here to know  supported image formats .

Troubleshoot :
  • How To Upload Animated Image in Blogger ? 

                Just Like you upload Static Images to blog Post.

  • My Images aren't animating in Blog post.
               Ensure your image is in GIF format ( extension .gif) and animated before uploading to blog.

  • White Background for animated Images,which aren't before uploading to blog post.
               Make Transparent Image Show Up As Transparent In Blogger

  • Still doesn't animated, feel free to ask in Picasa Web forum.
  • Still, then sorry .Your animated file aren't supported by Picasa.Tryt Third party websites ( Like Photobucket,imgur ) to upload animated images and Get html code and paste in blog post (HTML mode) .

I successfully Uploaded animated GIF image in this post (created in Adobe Photoshop cs5 Extended ) .
What about You ? Comment on it.

By : Hasi Haseeb


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