Top 5 Google Chrome Apps For Bloggers Must Check

Are you using a chrome browser for blogging  ? If yes then why can't you add Chrome apps which would make your blogging more fast,easy and fun. Here on this post i would like to share some top chrome apps that a blogger must have .

         A blogger must check out this awesome app which is the easiest way to update your blog .It is a full featured blog editor that integrated with your browser.You can create new posts,labels and even edit old blogs posts.It have simple and clean interface and more tools available.Both compose mode and HTML mode is enabled.
One highlisht is No need of Registration.

This app helps you to check how your blog views in various resolution .It resize entire browser to desktop,netbook,mobile and more resolution. This helps you to develop your blogger template .

 Best tool for web development.Allows inspect,edit and monitor CSS ,HTML codes, even if you don't know these languages.Found any white spaces in your blog ? You can fix with Firebug.Firebug can be used to reduce space in your blog.

This is one of the top chrome app for edit images which is layer base one.Pixlr is browser integrated app.No need of download,registeration, simple interface and not at all annoying.The editor is capable to reproduce PSD files.

It create screen shots of web pages , edit or annotate them and save into youcomputer at any formats.You can even export ito blogger ,email it and print out it.
Simple and Clean interface.

Is there any Apps that a blogger must check out ? Comment Here

By : Hasi Haseeb


  1. Inspect Element in Google Chrome play same role of Fir eBug. Which was huge success in Mozilla Firefox and now available in Google Chrome.

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