How To Create Multiple Posts In Blogger

  Multiple posts are nothing but more than one Page.For a beginner,it would be difficult to figure out how to create mulitple posts on their blogs. Its same as  you create your first blog post .

  1. After Sign In to Blogger Account , Click on 'New Post' at left side bar.
  2. Then Enter your matter(data inside post) as you did in first post and follow the same step. This post will be act as your second Post.
  3. After Publishing this post,  Click on 'Posts' at left side bar, where you can see your all your posts .
These posts will be automatically displayed in your blog at the instant you publish.

By : Hasi Haseeb


  1. Good One For New Bloggers

    Thanks /

  2. Good tutorial for bloggers who are new to Blogspot


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