How To Put Comments which Links To your Blog

  You might seen that in some blogs comments , when you click on any commentators names will redirect to their blog , For Example , When you Click on the Commentators in this Post, you will directly goes to their blog .
     This is a nice way get new visitor for your blog and your Page views get increases. But you can comment only in such blogs that enables this option (Name/URL). Most bloggers closes this option due to Comment Spamming.But Comment Moderation prevent this spamming for a while.  

 In Disquiss or other third party blog enable Link to your Blog/website . But blogger provide this option in "any one can comment" option, which set by blog owners.

Here , I would like to Share how to put comments in blogs which enabled "any one can comment" option

Note: Blog Owner should enable "any one can comment" option in his Comment Settings,then only you can make this comment.

  1. On Comment area, Click on list on "comment as"  where shows Name/URL
  2. Now Type you Name and your Blog URL or any other link( that you wish to navigate when any one click on your name.
  3. Click on Publish Button.

By : Sooji


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