How To Add Blog Description

Have a brief words under our Blog Header would be more Helpful to Visitors to understand what your blog says about. Or if you have a company blog, quotes and slogans can be written under blog Header.

  Actually Blog Description have vital role in Search Engine Results(SEO). Good Keywords may bring Good traffic to your Blog.

How to Add Blog Description :

  1. Login to Blogger Account ( )  with your Email ID and Password.
  2. Now, Go to your Blogger Settings (Basic) ,
  3. After Adding Blog Description, scroll down to bottom and Click on SAVE SETTINGS button.

Note: Maximum 500 words can be added. Try to Add good Keywords as description to get more traffic to your blog from search Engines.

By : Sooji


  1. thats really a nice post...kip sharing

  2. nice article admin ..............good work ............gud going

  3. Thanks for idea, but i want description no visible in in my blog. how it possible.


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