Control your Guest Bloggers

    Ever think about control your blog authors ,where you wish to edit their post before publish it out ? Obviously blogger haven't such option to make draft every posts of them . Does it any solution to get read this post and publish by yourself ?
    Yes,Email Blog Posting is a vital method for Blog owners who run multiple blog authors,briefly says your author sends posts to common blog email and such posts will be automatically saves as draft where you can edit and publish it out. So editing and such literal works can be done easily.

 What to do For this ?

# Enable Email Blog Posting.

  1. Go to Settings , Email & Mobile Tab.
  2. Scroll down to Posting Option and enter secret word.
  3. Change Radio button into " and Save settings.
  4. Done
Now share this email address to all your Blog authors and tell them to send their posts to this email.Later wards you can publish the posts a your wish.So you got full control over your blog posts in your blog.

By : Sooji


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