3 Blogger Widgets On This Christmas For Your Blog

    Bring the festive Christmas Joy to your readers when they get visit your blog on this Christmas days.Popup Christmas message and other stuffs may cause difficulty for your smooth loading of your Blog and how ever cause boring to them.So how about Playing Jingle-bells music on background, Xmas bells on header corners and falling snow ? It would be enough to bring Joy of this festive season.

Click on the button to see Demo blog
    #1 Snow Fall Effect on Blog
    Click on the below button to add this Falling Snow effect(Gadget) to your Blog.

    #2 Background Music Gadget on Blog
    Click on the Button below to add Background music[Jingle Bells] Gadget on your blog.

    #3 Xmas Bells on Top corner of blog
    Click on the button below to add Xmas bells on top corner of blog for this Xmas,which will suites to your background image of your blog.

    How To Remove these Gadgets ? 
    1. From Blogger Dashboard , Go to Design , Page Elements where customized Gadgets are placed.
    3. Click on 'Edit" Button Gadget (Ex: Snowfall Effect)
    4. ">
    5. Click on 'Remove' Button from the Popup Window opened last.
    6. It will automatically Remove the Gadget form your Blog.Refresh your Blog to see the Change !
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        By : Sooji


        1. Doesn't work on blogspot/blogger;
          Just showing the text of the widget and not playing.

        2. @Rene Visscher
          Apple QuickTime Plugin Must Be Installed in your Browser to play music file.

        3. Thanks for the 3 I have install them to my store site it great!! :)~


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