How To Make blog dynamic view as defualt

Hope you have used blogger dynamic views in Google chrome,that had developed some month below.,But it is not possible to view in other browsers and it wouldn't make as default ,where other users can see at a shot . 

Actually blogger Dynamic view is like changing Blogger templates ,but it gives more interactiveness and simplicity to your blog , more than blogger templates.These views are developed using latest script like css3,AJAX and HTML 5. 

When you scroll down your old posts would be displayed,where you see in Facebook.If you own a poem blog or any other writing blogs,then this would be very best choice .

Blogger lately updated Template designer with 'Dynamic View' thumbnail .! Here, You can easily choose your dynamic view and make it as permanent view,where your visitors can see dynamic view of your blog.

How to Make Blogger Dynamic view as default  in Old Blogger Interface ?
  1. Go to and Sign In with your email id and password. 
  2. Then Go to Blogger Template Designer. [ Click on Design and Click on 'template designer just below to it,as shown in the image.
  3. Now some thumbnails are displayed as shown in the below image. Choose your favorite Dynamic View. You can see its preview under the thumbnails as shown . 
  4. Now click 'Apply On Blog" , at the top right side of the page[Template Designer].

How to Make Blogger Dynamic view as default  in New Blogger Interface.
  1. Go to Blogger and in and Login with your email id and Password.
  2. Click on your Blog [from the list, if you have one or more blog] .
  3. Now Click on 'Template' from the Left Sidebar.
  4. Now Choose your favorite Dynamic view,Click on 'Apply on blog' that how while you hover on dynamic views.

By : Sooji


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