How to find best keyword for your blog

Hope you have basic idea about Google search and keywords.Yeah, Google searches index based on keywords using in your blog , it may be  your post title or your blog's content etc.
While set up your blog,you may be asked to enter description about your blog.Obviously you can make use of keywords here and get Good Traffic.
Your Blog will easily be index when anyone search the keyword that you entered in description space.

But it is very tough to find out the best keywords for your blog now,where it gives you much search traffic from Google.
Google Adwords Keyword tool is the best tool that can be used to find out the best keyword for your blog,You are just needed to enter blog URL and a word.

  1. For instance,Go to Keyword Tool, type blogger tricks and Blog URL.
  2.  Click on the search button to get the complete List.

You can copy down this keyword in your meta tags and blog descriptions.!

By : Sooji


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