How To Enlarge Photos In Blogger

While Editing posts you may upload images and it appears in smaller size.What do you at a circumstance where you wish your image to be extra size offered by blogger ? Obviously you would choose HTML editing where yo can customize size of  images as your wish.

Here i discuss which you can enlarge images simply.

  • Use New Updated Post Editor
  1. Make your Post Editor into Updated Post Editor.
  2. When you Upload images using New Updated Editor , you can customize images at a Click.
  • Customize using HTML Codes
  1. Upload your Images into Blogger/Picasa and make our image in HTML Mode.
  2. And get the Image URL that you have uploaded.[Just Right Click no Image and elect 'Copy Image Location'].
  3. Paste the Image instead 'URL Of Image' from Below Code.
  4. <img src="URL-of-Image.jpg" width="680" height="400">
  5. Save the Post.

By : Hasi Haseeb


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