Adsense Earnings Aren't Showing in Monetize tab

  If your blog get approved by Google adsense,you must add adsense code in your blog.You can add these ads through blogger widgets/code . Even though you have adsense account associated with your email, blogger wouldn't show your earnings under Monetize Tab.So, you must connect your Google adsense with your blogger account manually..
Go to Monetize tab on Left side bar,As Default Blogger may show a window like below, that asking for Sign Up adsense account.

Actually it wouldn't  send directly  to their Sign Up Page instead it leads to Set Up Page.Then,

  1. They will ask you to Choose the Position of ads . 

  2. After,they will ask whether Apply For New Account or Use Existing Account. If you have account with your email just click on it and provide email id and postal PIN.                   
    If you choose to Create a New Adsense account, then you will be ask to fill a form and Apply for Adsense.
  3. Follow the steps and Wait for one day , your earnings for particular Blog will be shown under Monetize Tab.

Note: You must do this above steps in every blog under same email account to know earnings of each blog separately . 

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    By : Sooji


    1. Hello Admin I have One question

      How To Apply Google Adsense thorugh BLogger Monetize Tab or

      Where ?/

    2. @Anonymous
      You can't apply Google adsense through Monetize Tab.
      You have to go official website of Google adsense.
      You may help this Link.

    3. Would you like to post an article tells completely of Adsense approval, because I always rejected by Adsense team.


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