Add subscribe button in Facebook profile

Facebook recently added subscribe button where you can here from people you are interested , just like what you do in Twitter.You can subscribe Facebook founder mark zuckerberg's official Facebook profile,where you can hear his updates.
But you can hear updates, only things shared in Public mode.Even you can customize your updates in private mode and Public mode.This solves privacy problems as well.

By adding this button,your Visitors can receive your updates without be your friend in Facebook and comment on it.

How To Add Subscribe Button In My Profile ?

  1. Just Click Here and Click on 'Subscribe Button' .
  2. Now settings box would be pop up.Just do like what i do in this picture.
  3. Click on OK button and Refresh your Facebook Profile.
How to Customize Subscription Button ?
  1. Go to your Facebook Profile  Page and Click on 'Subscriptions' in Left Sidebar .
  2. Now you can see the people that you subscribed.Click on 'Subscribed' Button to Customize the Updates and Unsubscribe him.
You can view the Subscriptions and subscribes made by people that you subscribed,For example you can view the subscriber ad subscription made by Mark zukerberg by clicking on respective button on his profile.

By : Sooji


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