Add Search Box to Blogger Blog

Optionally we adds search Box in blog for the convenience of readers to search particular post in large blog.Though Archive presents in blogs,it would be hard to find posts with specific keyword.

Please follow the Below step to Add simple Search Box in your Blog.

  1. Copy Down the Below Code and Open Blogger Account.

  2. <form id="searchThis" action="/search" style="display:inline;" method="get">
    <input id="searchBox" name="q" type="text"/>
    <input id="searchButton" value="Go" type="submit"/></form>
  3. Click on Design and Click on 'Add a Gadget '.
  4. Choose 'HTML/JAVASCRIPT' from the list and Paste in it.
  5. Save the widget ad Refresh your Blog.

By : Hasi Haseeb


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