How To Remove Share Buttons From Blogspot

Blogger provides social network Share buttons along with every blog posts at bottom as default.But this share buttons never give special effects as Hover effects , jquery effects .Share buttons with amazing animated are released from various source.Its been very boring to use couple of share buttons at blogspot.

 So,How to remove this from blog post footer ? 

  • Go to Design > Page Elements(Default).
  • Scroll down to Blog Posts and Click on Edit at Right Bottom .[See the Image] .
  • New Window will pop Out,to Configure Blog posts, like as below image.
  • Must Hit on Save button.

If you are Using Draft Blogger , 
  1. Go to Layouts, Click on Edit Button as mentioned before and Un-select 'Show hare button".

By : Hasi Haseeb


  1. And I just posted how to put Blogger's share buttons - not easy, by the way. With old templates so many troubles to make +1 button work.

    I like the buttons because they work correctly even on main page.

    But in your case when you have only teasers on main page any share buttons will work.

    So I am looking forward for your post about beautiful animated share buttons!

    Thank you for blogging!
    PS By the way "Light box" makes more difficult to comment (you can try by yourself). Maybe there is some way to improve it?

  2. @Kyle and Svet Keeton
    Already posted a Hover effect Share button.
    Sure, I do post share buttons with some more effects.!
    Thanks for suggesting !

    Lightbox email subscription box can be easily customize to Home page only.So it wouldn't open while you browse other pages.!
    Surely i would update that post soon!

    Thanks very much for your appreciable support ! Keep in touch with me!


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