Reduce Space Between Gadgets In Your Blogger Blog

I don't think all bloggers are perfect in HTML programming and JavaScript that essential in blogger.Its not special , that happens small types of errors like spacing,width,positioning etc while 
Editing blogger Templates of own blogs.
Though there are enough forums and websites for getting solutions for your blog query, 
it would be hard to find solution for spacing and small type of errors that happens with your blog.

Browsers with inspect element features are enriched and helps a blog master a lot to find missing codes( or unwanted codes )  that causes for these small spaces . Google's Chrome Browser has added inspect element as default.You can easil seen by Rightclik on Chrome browser.

But this feature is not available in default Mozilla firefox.You must install a addon named 'Firebug' in Firefox to get this feature in your browser. 
I think this Firebug would be more easier and comfort for newbies.

This tool can be used to Copy the codes of other blogs and Websites as a Hacking tool for blog masters .For example blog/websites CSS enabled codes,Java enabled codes etc that are hidden on 'view source' option in every browsers.
So start to explore coding.!

We need to reduce the Space Between Page Tab and Main Page.
  1. - Run Mozilla Firefox and open your Blog .
  2. Bring your Mouse pointer into the Space and  Click on Inspect Element.
  3. Now , Inspect Element Widget would be open .
  4. Now Double Click on Margin value (30)  and  Change into 10 . Now an automated code will be generated along with Widget code.Copy down the code.
  5. Go back to and Go to Design, Edit HTML and select 'Expand Widget Template' and search for Below code .
  6. Now replace the above code(Step 5) with code Below, that auto generated in inspect element. 
  7. <div id="Image1" class="widget Image" style="margin-top: 10px;">
  8. Save the Template.

By : Hasi Haseeb


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