Optimize Your Blog Loading Speed From Google Web Tool

Google Lab has developed their new product 'Speed Page online' which analyses content in your blog and generate suggestions to make your blog more effective and load faster.And more it would give Page Speed Score out of Hundred. Above 75 is categorized into Good and above 90 is excellent.!

More faster loading blogs have less bouncing rates and conversion rates.

  1. Go to Pagespeed.googlelabs.com to analyse your blog.
  2. Click on 'Analyze Performance'. Wait a few seconds..
  3. You will be displayed Summary and details. Click on the rule names under priorities.
High Priority Suggestions must take into serious , because they play vital role of your blog loading.
Some of my suggestions are Served scale image( reduce the image size ) and combine images to css sprities.
Fortunately i have got good score.! :)

I noticed many blogs uses unwanted Widgets,codings and images , I recommend them to use this awesome Google Tools and start to optimize blog.

By : Hasi Haseeb


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