Create Subdomain In Blogger

Most bloggers have more than one blog at their blogger accounts .And they run their successive blogs on custom domains ,What they do with their non-successive blogs  (blogs uses for experiments,some may be personal blogs ) ? ,Yes,  just put them under their successive blog as sub domains .So they can achieve a custom domain at free value and would be getting more traffic than before.!

As name implies it is a sub of custom domain,where you can redirect your second blog with your custom domain as sub-domain.That is , my second blog named '' is redirected to a sub-domain ( of custom domain ( .

Usually most of us didn't make use of this sub domain where registers provides more than 5 sub-domains freely to us.!
Yesterday i have just created a new sub-domain for my blog experiments :) Have a Look at it.

How to Setup a Sub-domain for my blog ?

Add CName in DNS (Domain Name System) configuration will do create a sub-domain.!
And get know How to redirect a blog to New Sub-domain.
  1. Go to your Domain Control Panel.
  2. If you had bought your Domain from Blogger Itself , Then go to Or If you bougt from others, Then Go to their Website and Log In with your Username and Password.
  3. Open DNS Configuration and Click on 'Add CNAME records".
  4. Now Add Just Like Below in CNAME Record:
    Host Name : Demo
    Value :
    You can replace 'Demo' with your sub domain .!
  5. Add One more CNAME record (Follow Step 3 ) ,just like Below.
    Host Name : www.Demo
    Value :
  6. Now your DNS configuration for Sub domain has finished.
Now, Back to Blogger and Redirect your Blog into Sub Domain :
  1. Log In to Blogger and goto settings of Relevent Blog.
  2. Go to Settings , Click on 'Publishing' ., click on 'Switch to Custom Domain.' . Then click on 'Switch to Advanced Settings.
  3. Now Type your Subdomain ( URL and  click on Save Settings.

    By : Sooji


    1. previously I am having many doubts in the creating the sub domain blogs . Now I am clear by reading your blog. good job ..

    2. Wow! I didn't know that. That's amazing. So nice of you!

    3. I have one question. can we make money from using sub-domain blog such as If yes please suggest how. like can we use ad sales an all?

      1. Precisely Yes.
        You can publish your ads on any of your domains(even in your sub domain).
        Add and save your ad-code in your "HTML/JAVASCRIPT" widget UNDER LAYOUT dashboard .


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