Create A Flash Website In Blogger

If you Run a Business Blog or Personal info blog ,where no frequent updates , then Flash blog would be more apt to you.Because you can customize this Flash websites according to your imaginations.No Limits. no boundaries.

You can present your Flash Website directly to your blog easily,without changing dimensions or pixels.So your blog can be convert into Flash websites as well flash blogs

How can i Add Website into Blogger ?

  1. Create a Flash website in  Adobe Flash (where you create flash videos) or just Google for Free flash website templates.!Then, host/upload it in Google site .
  2. Now Go to your Blog 'Edit HTML' and Search for the Below code.
  3. Now Delete the Code from the above code (mentioned in Step 2 ) to the End.
  4. Now Now Embed your Flash Code..For this , Replace the Red URL wit your Flash URL.
  5. Paste Down Below Code after to code mentioned in step 2 ( </head> )  [See the Image next to code].

  6.   <body>
            <embed height='700' name='flaObj' pluginspage='' quality='high' src='' type='application/x-shockwave-flash' width='910'/></center>


  7. Save the Template. Done!

By : Sooji


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