Create New Navigation Bar Using Page Tabs

Blogger Page  Navigation Bar can navigate into your blogger Pages only. And this made us to make use of Third Party Navigation par scripts using Jquery,Java script etc.for creating Horizontal Bar in blog.

But,Now onwards you can easily navigate your readers to other blogs/favorite websites and to your favorite blog Pages/Posts which works as like other Navigation works like.

Blogger In Draft provides a new Feature Called 'Web Address' where you can put your Favorite blog address in it  and send your reader to particular blog by clicking at Page Tab.
Blank Page would redirect into create Static Pages as you done already in Blogger!

Unfortunately this features has available only for Draft bloggers and this Functioned mightn't activated for Old Blogger GUI.

How To Get This In My Blog ?

  1. Go to and Select Relevant Blog.
  2. Click on Pages in Right Sidebar!
  3. Then Click on New Page▼  to Create New Page. Choose any one Option from the List showing [Blank Page / Web Address].!   If you wish to send your readers into your second blog,Jut choose 'Web Address' and Page Title as your Blog name and enter your Blog URL.
  4. Then Click on Save Button.!
How to Add Page Tabs  in Blog  ? 
  1. Click on the Button aside to 'Show Page as' .
  2. Select the Position from the List.

    You can Hide this Navigation Tab by selecting 'Don't Show' from the List.!

How to Customize Each Tabs ? 
    1. You can Drag each Tabs and easily keep positioning according to you.!
    2. Click on Edit Button to Edit Post Title and Delete Button to Delete the Page/Tab .

        By : Hasi Haseeb


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