5 Share Button Widgets for Blogger blog

Social Media websites have key role in Blog's usual Traffic . Share buttons for these social websites are the route for this traffic.And we Must make this route with minimum effort to reader !

Ww have seen many Social Media sharing scripts for social websites like Facebook,twitter,Orkut, etc.! But for a Beginner this would be more boring ! Sharing Widgets would be More Helpful to them.They can add these buttons at a click.

Let me share you some Five Websites that Offers Free sharing Buttons for your Blogger Blog Platform as a Widget.!

  1. Sharethis.com
  2. Addthis.com
  3. https://socialtwist.com/ 
  4. Addtoany.com
  5. onlywire.com/
Happy Sharing :)

By : Hasi Haseeb


  1. Thank you. I want to get the social website sharing widget for blogger. Can you please give me any link to that?


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