Protect your Comment box from spamming

   Spamming in Comment box is a challenge for bloggers now. Spammers tries to floods comment box by posting their Links,website URL as well along with their comments.Some spammers comment same content as many as possible by them.This make many difficulties to bloggers.Fortunately no one developed script to flood comment box of blogger.But even though spammers try to spam comment box in order to get much traffic to their blog through yours.Some spammers comment same words in different pages of your blog.Blogger is strictly against spammers and they added many security measures in blogger settings.Let me Invite your attention here the measures taken by blogger to prevent spamming.You must follow this measures to get free from spamming.

  • Moderate your Comment Box :
  1. Go to Blogger Dashboard , Settings , Comment , 
  2. Choose Always in comment moderation..
By choosing so you can moderate comments you are receiving in your blog.No more comments will be published without your permission!.
This will prevent spamming for a bit. Your Blogger Dashboard will be spammed by number of comments.!
So Better implement the Below tips too.
  • Disable Anonymous Comment Permission
  1.  Go to Dashboard , Settings , Comment
  2. Go to Who can Comment and choose "Users with Google Account.

So Readers who have Google account can onl able to comment in your Blog.So you can avoid spamming for a amount.
  • Use Captcha in comment Box
Captcha is a types of words that are capable to read for Humans only.It prevent spamming scripts using by hackers or spammers. Using Captcha is the most advanced mode to prevent spamming in your comment box.

To use captcha in your comment Box ,
  1. Go to Blogger Dashboard , Settings | Comments and Choose "Yes" in "Show word verification for comments?"
  2. Now Save the Settings.

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