Solution : I can't publish post in blog

      I couldn't Publish my post , how to publish my post ? These are very common question among newbies.

There are man reasons why your post hasn't publish out.Some bloggers complaint that their Publish button is not working well.Some of them says that i saved my post but didn't published out in their home page of blog.

First of all your Read this post about How to Publish your post.
Common Trouble shoot :
  •   Check your Internet connection
At the time of Publishing your blog post,ensure your Internet connection is ready and connected well.

  • Check for Errors in post.
If you are Editing your Post in HTML mode,there might be seen many HTML errors.Due to this type of errors you couldn't post your post.
You can see the status of errors at the Top of your blog post editor,

and aside of Preview button.

Some other errors are happened in Label..It is because of  usage of non-allowed characters.

  •  Wrong Button.
You might be clicked 'Save now' instead of 'Publish' .So ensure you have clicked on 'Publish' button and a Successful messages has received.
If you are clicked on 'Save now' , the post wouldn't publish out instead it Save as Draft in your blog.It didn't appear on blog  home page.
Some times you may be Clicked on 'preview' and forgot to Click on Publish button,This time too your blog posts didn't save or publish out.
  • Scheduled Post.
Some bloggers may unknowingly schedule their post or forgot abut schedule.This time your post wouldn't publish  at the time of hitting Publish button.It will publish at the time of scheduled time.
  • Ensure Post published Successfully message has seen.
 After hitting Publish button, and never go for another tab and page.Just look for successful message that has receive after you publish post.It made ensure your post has published.[See the below Image,you must get this message after publishing your post. ]

  • Clear Cookies inn your Browser. 
Go to your browser settings or Tools ,Options and Clear cache.

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