How To Recover Deleted Blog Post

Think a scenario, where an Hacker Log In to your blog and Deleted your all blog posts that are written  by taking hours and days .And unfortunately you didn't take any Backup of blog posts at all.You may be tensed and depressed well.
I already given you a tip to recover accidentally deleted posts .This Article will help only to bloggers whose blog indexed in Google Search Engine.

  1. Go to and Type just like below in search Box.
    Replace the red Color URL with your blog URL. Search engine  will display all your blog contents and their Links.
  3. Now click on 'Cached' along with Link address in search engine.
  4. Now,You will be navigated to your deleted blog posts when Google Indexed.
  5. Now Copy down content and Publish it on your Blog.
How simple as that.!

By : Sooji


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