How to put PDF file in blog

 As we all know Blogger doesn't support PDF file to publish in your Blog . If you want to show the pdf content in your blog,what shall you do ? PowerPoint files too facing same problems in your blogger.iframe and other codes will not help us on this particular issue ,.A web tool can helps us to publish PDF file or Powerpoint file in blog.This can be create slideshow and Content at a run.
  • Go to scribd and Create New account.
  • Now Upload your File into scribd.
  • At the Right sidebar, Click on "Embed".And Copy down the HTML5 code.
  • Go to Blogger and Make your Blog Post Editor into HTML mode and Paste the code .
  • Save the Post and Refresh your Blog.!!

By : Sooji


  1. Just tried this; worked a dream. Thank you!

  2. Very good article ....keep going and sir google drive is also online storage site n windows live acount and use there services too

  3. really useful tips for beginners ..thanks a lot

  4. Extremely useful method though does not look very much like a usual blog post...


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