How To Add Flash Vortex On Blog

Flash vortex is a webtool provides Online flash banner,vertical menu bars ,other type of buttons that made your blog more stylish. .This flashVortex can easily be added into your blog post or Homepage.
Mainly this flash banners are very useful web tool who loves animation and wouldn't learned animation well..You can create exciting menu bar at less time,No programming skills are needed to create this buttons.

How to implement this on my blog ?

  1.  Go to FlashVortex and create Flash Banners and Click on 'Generate animation' button at bottom of Page.
  2. Then you will be displayed like below Image.
  3. Now copy down the Code from the Left Box [Easy] And Back to
  4. If You need to Publish this flash banner in you blog post,then go to Edit this post and Make your blog into HTML mode.
  5. Now Paste down the code and Click on Publish Button.
         If you Need this one in Sidebar ,then Go to Page Elements and Click on 'Add a Gadget ' and select 'HTML/JAVASCRIPT' gadget and Paste the copied code inside it and Save the Gadget.

    6.  Now Refresh your post.

By : Sooji


  1. wow awesome man

    Thanks sree.
    Glad t know that it helps you well!

  3. hello haseeb! warm greetings. i just wanna ask on how the advanced html works? thank you.


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