How To Embed A YouTube Video Into Blogger Header

     Bored with static blogger header ? Its get time to running header! Now Start to  create your blogger header in you tube and replace your current static image header with your video Header.It sounds Good.!Flash video will work instead this youTube video.

Click here to get a  Preview of this.

How to embed a YouTube video into blogger header ?
  1. Go to YouTube and Get the Embed code of your favorite Video that you wish to place in header.

  2. Sign In blogger account & Click on Design and Go to Edit HTML . 

  3. Now, You might see a Text Area Box showing your blog's HTML codes. Now Click on   Expand Widget Templates at the top-right side of the Text area Box. .(See the Image)

  4. Now search for below code in your HTML code.
  5. #header
  • You can see some properties of header-inner just below to the above.You should change all the height into '350' as per the height of your video.See the Image Below , Red underlined line with height='100px' should change into height='350px'
  •     Now search for Below code ,
    <div id='header-inner'>
  •  You should Cut down the code from <div id="header-inner'> to </div> .See the Image Below 

You should Replace the selected code that i have selected in the Image with below code.The code inside <div id='header-inner'>  may vary according to blog .That is why i provide a sample image .
  • Now Replace above selected code   with below shown code.
        <div id='header-inner'><center> <iframe width="560" height="349" src="" frameborder="0"></iframe></center>     </div>
Red color highlight the Video URL.You would get this from your embed code.
  • Now Save your template & Refresh your blog.

By : Sooji


  1. Have you ever seen some one done it already? I think for this post you could change your header to YouTube video and demonstrate all of us how good it could be, just for this one post... Use something like <b:if cond='data:blog.url == &quot;;'> to make changes for only one post.

    Or just give us a link to look at the demo.

    Thank you!

  2. @blogger4you
    As per your Suggestion i embed a youTube video for this post (Look at the Header of this post) and provided a demo blog (cick here to view the Demo blog).

  3. @blogger4you
    And i am very thankful to you .Please Suggest me ahead.!
    Wish you all the Best .!


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