Blogger Template :Tabs

Easy and Customizable template for bloggers who runs blog on android mobiles,Tabs, or other electric stuff..
This Template can be used for technology blog.

  • New White  Header Section.
    Header section is made into white background .When you upload this template in your blog,you will able to see only blogname at the place of  header image.When ever you like to change the name into Image format, Go to Page elements and Click on edit at Image Header and Upload a imag insead of title and Description
  • New customizable Horizontal Bar.
    • Slideshow at eyesight.
      Slideshow Consist Five images and Link to respective posts.Both forward and backward Arrow button are available inside this slideshow..
      You can easily customize the temp[late post,Links and all. To customize this slide show, Go to Settings, Click on Edit HTML and Search for the below code.
      <div class='imageElement'>
      Just Below to the above you can see like this Code[below].Now replace the Red color with post title or an thing else.Blue color must replace with your blog post URL. Green color must replace with Image URL.Yellow color represents Data description...
      <h3>Buy an Apple Ipad at $200</h3> <p>Apple releases its New ipad with Wifi and 3G enabled set.You can add anything here, just to highlight your products .</p> <a class='open' href='SLIDER-1-URL-HERE' title='Buy an Apple Ipad at $20'/> <img alt='' class='full' src=''/> </div>
    • Good Blogger Layout
      3 Column Template consist one Body part and two sidebars (extreme left and right).You can add gadgets and other stuffs at both side bars.
    • Search Box fixed at top right side.
    • Pages are added at top Bar,which is more stylish over effect are added to it.
    • Share buttons are added to each post.
    If you need some hover share button at your sidebar,Please go this Post.

    By : Sooji


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