How to add powerpoint presentation to blogger blog

Where blogger doesn't support powerpoint file , how can you post your powerpoint presentation to your readers ?.
Suppose If you had an research on particular topic and need to share with friends or readers , It would be very difficult to copy the text in slides and paste in blog post.

Then Why can't you Convert into blogger support format at a run ? Slideshare is a web tool that helps you to add your PowerPoint slide show in your blog.

It helps you to Share your presentation to social media ,and  helps you to upload documents as well.
Note that it wouldn't give you Slide transformations and other effect.

  1. Go to Slideshare Home Page.
  2. Create an Account ad Upload your Slide to Slideshare.
  3. Now Open your Slide show and Click on 'EMBED' and copy down the code that display below to the button.
  4. To paste down the code ,go to Blog post editor and make it into HTML mode.After paste the code publish your post.
You can see a Example i have done here :

By : Sooji


  1. I was searching for this, now i am clearly understand how to add videos in blogger. Thanks for sharing this post with us.


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