Add disquis comment box to blog

Bored with blogger comment Box ? How about new comment box where users are able to comment through their Facebook ,twitter,open ID accounts ? Even Like and Dislike buttons are available for each comment.It will be  new experience to your blog readers.It will disable all types of spammers readers need not to login with their blogger account.They can comment on your blog even browsing facebook or twitter.
Disquis is a web tool that able your readers to comment in your blog.And more this service is absolutely free .
  1. Go to disquis and click on Sign Up and Register your blog to use disquis in your blog..
  2. After go to settings and make necessary preference and Go to Install.
  3. Select Blogger and Click on Add site yourblogname to blogger
  4. It will be add like a Widget in your blog.So click on Add Widget.
  5. Done.Save the page elements and Refresh your Blog.

By : Sooji


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