5 Google plus cheat code

New Google+ Cheats are available Now for us.I used to post like a  Q&A .I hope this can be used as Google+ FAQ too.

  • How to Mention people in Google Chrome ?
    Just add + or @ in front of thier name
    Example : @sooji

    • .How to make Bold your status ?
    Example : *Hello world* , this will Display Hello World .

    • How to make your text italic ?
    _this owrd will display in italic_

    • How to make stricken words ?

    • Can i disable other peoples by sharing my posts and articles in Google+ ?
    Yes.Click at the arrow button  at top right of the post and click on "Disable Reshare"

    By : Sooji


    1. I really was amazed to check out the stuff here! Very informative! Thanks!

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