Use canonical Link in your Blog

        Canonical Link element is a search Engine Optimization feature that accepted by Google,Bing and yahoo etc.This feature help you to save from Duplicate content and duplicate URL.
Suppose you run a e-shopping website and same Link to a particular page containing price,product details,etc.with same content in ll this pages,.
For example:

Typically Search Engines will pick up all this above URL to search results.But all these pages contain same content and users are redirected to same content always, here canonical Link will helps you to select one best URL and recommend to Google that this page URL is BEST..

How do i Use Canonical Link ?
  •  Go to Dashboard > New Post  
  • <link rel="canonical" href="">New Mobiles </a>
 Red Colored URL and Text can be replaced with your wish .
General Term  is  <link rel="canonical"  added prefix to Links.

Video Tutorial 

By : Sooji


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