Secure your Blog account from Hacking

         Now a days Cyber attacks and cyber crimes are at the peak of ever,so we bloggers must keep our blog away from attackers.and keep safe.!Attacking government websites and celebrities blogs even many blogger accounts are attacked by hackers all around the world. Prevention is better than Cure ,as like that you must check all the small loop Holes in your blog and and must Close down it. Many bloggers are not aware about some attacks that may freeze your Blog.
 I recommend you to must read this post post and implement in your Blog.
  • Keep your Password strong.
  1. As every one recommends you, first One is Use should use  Strong Password for your Blogger account.
  2. Avoid to use your Mobile/Land line Number ,Girlfriend name,your name,date of birth as password.Hackers may guess it and Try it out..
  3. Never Use a Dictionary word as password.
  4. Must Include Symbols  dots,numbers in your Password.
  5. Never Share your Password to anyone even your best friends.Always keep in yourself.
  • Always Keep a eye in URL or Address Bar
  1. Whenever you visit any blog or website must keep a eye on address bar.Some blogs are using for phishing attacks.Because attackers use blogger blog  as Safe tool for phishing attack.Free cost free from ping and never trace the blog admins.
  2. Tabnapping attacks are the attacks where a website turns into another webpage  after a limited time(set by user).Mostly if you are a blogger and reading a Friends website and changed into another Tab ,in this time friends website will turns into Fake homepage of blogger.And you may type your Blogger account details to attacker.! Thus attacker can crack our password.
  3. Always type Login address after looking at the Address bar,whether it is or not.
  • Don't add unknown people as Author  
  1. By adding unknown people as author is like giving him permission to publish posts. So if he tries to publish to any malicious java script in your blog or Links in your Blog,it may make you wrong impression to your Google adsense and sometimes your site may be deleted without any notice.
  2. Don't accept whole mails receiving in our gmail account which asks for become your author in your Blog.It may some information gathering techniques of hacker
  • Never add some third party apps code in your blog.
  1. Read the Scenario,One blogger Copied a Java script from a third party website and paste it in his Gadgets.But after a Month he had noticed that some adult ads are present in his Blog without his knowledge.This made his blog traffic down.
         Actually what happened is , the third party website that he copied Java script changed the URL of JS. file into a adult ads js file.  
  • SignOut your Google account and Blogger account.
  1. Always Log Out from your account after using it.When you are on a Internet cafe or using a unsecured (WEP )WiFi connection to edit Blog and leave without LogOut ,then hackers could easily access to your account.
    Just close your Browser never clear or Log Out your account.You must Click on "Sign Out " button at the Right Top.

    By : Sooji


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