How to renew your Blog Domain from google apps

I too experienced same question when my music website got expired.Usually Google would dispatch a email to registered email account.But  i had registered in another gmail account specially created for that music blog ,unfortunately i fogot the email account and doesn't know the renewal Period ,afterwards i go to permission option of blogger and find out the email account,and renewed the blog domain.
If you have experienced same this one will helps you well.

  • Email
  1. Google will surely dispatch a Renewal notification email to the registered email account in Google apps
  2. .If you have marked on "auto renewal" option while registering your account, 
  3. Google apps will charge the amount for renewal from your bank credit card with a notification in your email.
  •  Link
  1. Replace the Red character with your domain name from the followed Link.

By : Sooji


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