How to hack a blog: Redirecting Attack

Actually This posts will teach you to identify Redirecting attacks,a Malicious attack that cause easy redirecting your blog into malicious Websites without blogger warning .Read the Scenario.
Alex ,Beginner.Alex Copied a Template code from a third Party Website that provide Beautiful blogger templates/skins for his blog.After a week, he just visited his blog and shocked to see his blog automatically redirects into a malicious site,without any blogger Warning.This make his visitors snd traffic  Down.Blogger deleted his blog because of spam content.
Actually what happened Here ?
Attacker Changed the source file of a script in the Copied blogger template code,and replaced with malicious one.But unfortunately Alex couldn't find out the Script ,and Google marks as spam.!

Countermeasure  :
-  Make use of Blogger Template Designer.
-  Copy templates from a trusted websites only.

By : Sooji


  1. very unfortunate! Please i have the same problem my blog how can i reindex it again pls?

  2. Just Change your Complete Blogger Template Code.
    Or Use Blogger Template Designer .

  3. I can get into my blogger dashboard with no problem. When I click on Template Designer, it redirects so it seems that the hack is in the template designer. So what do I do now?


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