Create ico file for blog favicon

          Blogger launched their new feature called favicon Widget last day .But They hadn't explained about ico file and how does it .To create such a file we must need a image editing software or any converter software. But Here i gonna introduce a new webtool to make your JPEG or any image file into ico File where you can easily customize your favicon easily
As first Step,you must create/select a image to be your favicon.

    • Now Click here and go this Website.
    • Click on Get Started 
    •  Now Upload your Image and Click on Export.
    • Now Select the Size by tick mark on it. Best Favicon siZe is 16 X 16
    • Click Save a and Save into our Computer.

    By : Sooji


    1. Hi, guys!

      Looks like you did not try yet the Blogger option? I just did ;).

      The truth is that Blogger do convert your square image to favicon.ico file.

      And you even can not upload to Blogger as favicon an image with type .ico Blogger tells that .ico "Not a valid file type". They want you to upload as a favicon jpeg, gif or png square file. If file is not square - they will definitely tell you about it also.

      Why I think you should upload an image as favicon through Blogger. That is easy and that is official. So your blog will have your favicon in any blogger-lists, RSS etc. Right now you still have orange B as a favicon in bloglists.

      Here you can see your current favicon:

      Best wishes,
      PS Somehow OpenId stopped work. But believe it's still me ;)

    2. PPS By the way you created a very beautiful picture for the post - this way I found it ;)



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