Connect Facebook page and Like button in blogger

Today, my friend melody20 asked me a Doubt ,." when people "like" my blog , it doesn't 'like' my Facebook page . how do I link the  Facebook Page and Like Button ? " . Actually it is a Mistake all of had at the time of adding the Like Button in your Blog.
 At the time  itself you should make a small link between your Facebook page and Like Button.Most of us just Google search for Facebook Like button Code and Copy down the Code for Like Button.
Unfortunately it Just give a Like button but never connect with your Facebook Page.

Now,Listen How to connect Like Button and Facebook Page.

  •  Here You may be redirected into Get Like Button Page (Click Here)
  • Now Go to Your Facebook Page and Copy the URL of Facebook Page.

    • Now Go back to Facebook Like button Page , and Paste the URL in the First Text Box Showing URL to Like  .Now Just customize the Layout Style,Font,Width according to your convenience.Mark on Face show will show profile Picture and names of your Liked users.

      • After,Click On the Get code button at Right Bottom.It will popup a Window showing some codes in Iframe and XHTML. Bloggers Must Copy down the Iframe Code and Paste it in your Blogger Sidebar in HTML mode.

      • Now Save the Code and Refresh your Blog.

      By : Sooji


      1. is it possible to get the likes that I got on blogger to add to the likes I got on Facebook? or do those likes disappear once I use this method?

      2. First come to your site, very beautiful, I like very much!

      3. hey admin where to save the code plz... tell me

        1. Paste this code on your blog where you wish to appear "LIKE" button.
          May be in sidebar widget !!

      4. hey admin,
        where to add the code plz tell


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