10 Tips to Reduce Bounce rate of your Blog

       Bounce rate is a percentage of visitors who exit from your Landing Pages in Blog.For Example a Visitor directl landed into any of template in my blog and Exit from that page itself without Reading other Posts.This exit rate from landing pages is called Bounce Rate.
       Here, i gonna give you some tips to reduce the Bounce rate of your Blog through simple steps follow.

  • Add Related Posts bottom of Post
                Many Bloggers didn't gie/add "Related Posts" gadgets just Below to every post,by doing this so your readers might  have a tendency to read related Posts.So you must write posts with related topics .
  • Add Links between lines in the Posts.
               Add Links to your Blog posts in Lines in Blog posts. For Example if i have a Post "Apple" and if in gonna write posts about Fruits, then you must include link of Apple in the Blog posts "Fruits".It reduce the bounce rate.
                Avoid unnecessary plugins , Gadgets in your Blog. Try to avoid Flash Videos from your Blog, instead add Java script.Have a Look to Speed Up your Blog .
  • Use Simple template and Layout Design.
               Blogger Layout option helps us to customize the template .Becasue your Smart Blogs Template and simple design may make visitor to stay more time in your Blog.
  • Avoid Popup Windows and Ads.
              You must avoid Popup windows from your Blog, because most of popup ads and pages irritate your readers .Because most of the ads may encourage worms and spywares and trojans.So better avoid them and make good impression in your readers.
               Comment Box in blog helps your readers to convey their feelings and it may make them to come one more time into your Blog. So you should make replay for all comments that you have received in your Blog.
               Never publish copied content in your Blog, Because it may make wrong and Bad impression in your readers and in Google .
  • Promise whats there in your Ads,
             You should make suree that your Posts contain whole contents offered in your Blog.OIf you offered any discount Coupon code,then you must give it throught your Posts.Don't provide any Download option and other Stuffs.
  • Avoid Free File Hosting  Sites
           Add direct Download option from your Blog itself You can use Google sites to Upload . Try to avoid host your files in  Free File hosting sites like Rpidshare,Zhare , Because it may irritate your visitors,.Waiting some times to download in free hosting websites make your Reader to quit your Blog.
  • Add "Previous Post" and "Next Post" button.
        As a Blogger, You may include this option in your Blogger.So don't avoid such Stuffs from your Blog templates.It helps your reader to navigate to other pages in your Blog.

By : Sooji


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