Limits to Restore Deleted Blogs

              How do i restore a Blog where i can't find undelete Option ? This is a common cry happen in Blogger Help Forums. Some Bloggers Delete their Blog and  they need restore after  While. But after 90 Days you have been Deleted,then no chance to Restore your Blog.

              Click on Show All button and Undelete your Blog.This steps are discussed in Detail here
  • Why can't I find Undelete Button  ?
              There are only Three Reasons for it.
  1. Your Log In Email address may be Changed.
  2. Blog may not be Deleted , instead it may be Hided in Dashboard.
  3. It Have been more than 90 Days after its Delete.
  4. If you have Co-admin with all privilege,then Check whether  Your admin Privilege Removed or Not..

By : Sooji


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