How to know which ads position got more clicks

     I hope You may running at least three ads on your Blog, And it is unknown to every one which ad size got more clicks and didn't get clicks more.Unfortunately no such tools or stuff available .Even categorize in adsense can't help you.
     So better categorize with Channels,Like i done in my adsense account, i have created three ad channels.Blogknol ads on Top,blogknol ads on Sidebar,blogknol ads on footer. Then now onwards you can receive page impressions ,clicks ,CTR,CPM etc.

   To Categorize your ads using Channels.

  • Go to Adsense and Sign In.
  • Go to Adsense Setup > Select any product adsense mode. > Choose Ad Type > Choose Ad Format and Colors.
  • No Click on "Add Channel" 
  •  A New Window will open inside the existing Window.Now Type your Channel Name. If you wish ads into Sidebar of your Blog, then type "Blogname Sidebar" .Click on Ok.
  • Now Save and Get the Ad Code.Now Add this into your Blog.
  • After a Day! Come back to Home Page/Report , click on "Top Channels" along with  "Adsense Content".

  • Done.
Now, you can see which of your ad position got more clicks,impression and all.

By : Sooji


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