Why Google Adsene ?

Why most of bloggers prefer Google Adsense than other ad networks. ? For some people it may be destruction because they never earned well! But sill It Keep Rocking.
 When we Analyse why Google Adsense is so rocking ? We have discuss some vital points how they come at Top among ad network..

  • Easy Setup 
             Any beginner can easily setup ads in their blog , no need of expert in code and all.. Just copy the code provide by Google and paste it in their Blog.
  • Standard of Advertisement 
            Yes,The  Google keep their Standard on these ads programs too.They Provide Quality advertisement and provide at all time while other ad network like Adbrite doesn't give u ads even they approved Us.That make me angry.
  • Work with  your Ads 
           Yes.You can Filter , block a specified ads from your site. Adsense provide Optimization Lab , One click optimizer options to their Users.
  •  Ads Suited to our Content. 
           This is the main Key role of a adnetwork sites to provide ads that hardly match with their content. Google Adsense really Follow it strictly, while other network don't do it.
  • Pretty Good Revenue Share
          Publishers receive 68% from the advertiser that Google has collected. For adsense Search Program Revenue Share is 51 %.
  •  Innovative products and Features 
         Google Provides variety ads program  Such as Google Adsense for content , for Search ,for Mobile Content , for feeds, for video, for domains,f or mobile application.  .
  • Payements
        Google Provide your payments at right time .If you reach  threshold payment, your payementt will be move to validate your earnings for accuracyIt may take couple of weeks and then they send your payement.They are  doing well job between us and advrisers.
  • Trust
        After all Trust in Google.Inc .A Multi Nationall Company is doing usch a Great Job. So no need of Worry about your ads and payements.

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By : Sooji


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