Things to remember before choosing a domain name for your blog

                 If you are running a Blog or else using any free hosting sites , then how about make it a Good Website with a Domain name.For example take myself , now i am running , and required a domain name , if so i can remove the suffix [blogspot] and easily share it.

  • Domain name should be Short 
                 You may know what the intension before i am removing blogspot from my domain.Yes, make it to short. Then any user can remember it in his mind. Like twitter,Orkut,google,yahoo , domain name should be not more than 7 letters. Other ways domain name must be a meaningful , for example face book , micro soft , word press etc....

  •  Domain name must be commercial /popular 
                Commercial domain name are .com , .org etc...  Most of the users just remember your domain name only , they don't even remember whether it is .com or .org . So better select .com for your blog. Why i am prefer commercial domain name  is because if you want to sell your blog for money .com may sell easily than others.

  • Domain name must convey your content 
              For example , convey it is an Knowledge about Blogging [Blog+Knol] ,  so you may stick what i mean.Yes , Your domain name must convey about your content or about topic or what inside in your Blog.

  • Blog Name as Domain name
             For Example , were .com is already registered .
 So you must check whether domain is available with your blog name, that be the best domain you have.Then your permanent readers may not have confusion with new Domain.

  • Choose only  Trusted hosting Websites.
              When you search oii Google you can see a number of hosting sites tha have atonishing offers, don't choose osuch webites , choose oly trusted or rted websites for hosting, like

    By : Sooji


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