Someone has copied contents in my Blog

        What to do when some one has copied contents in you Blog or website ? If any one stealing your poem,songs,photography to their websites, Surely you may think about complaint it. But most of us are not aware about to whom i complaint and other effective solution for this problem. You should know about blogger copyright Policy and DCMA policy . DCMA [Digital Millennium Act] is a US law specially developed to protect duplicate content.

  1. As a First Step you Should send a email Complaint to the webmaster/owner  of the Website/blog  which copied your content.
  2. If he doesn't give you a good reply , then Go to DCMA Compliant form provide by Blogger/Google.
  3. If you have receive a DCMA notice and if you are sure the blog using your content/image , then file a Counter claim .
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    By : Sooji


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