How to verify my blog in Google Webmater

        Google Webmaster helps you to increase your traffic , it gives you information about index pages,search traffic and notify you if any pages in your blog is not found etc.They track your links and notify you who all are added your Link, and gives you knowledge about who all are seen your blog in search result and who clicked on it,.Its Nice sound .
       These information's are only get after Adding your Site into Webmaster tools and verify your Blog.

  • Go to Webmaster Home. [ ]
  • You may redirect into the below shown page.
  • Now click on Verify this site just along with your site name.

  • Now Select&Copy the Meta tag inside the box and Paste it in your Blogger HTML  [Go to Blogger Dashboard, Design, Edit HTML.] Just Before </head> .

  •  Now Save the Template and Come to Webmaster page that we have opened last time  and Click on Verify Button. 
  • Now You can see who;e data about Keyword,Crawl errors,Search  Queries,Link to your site etc.
 Note : Don't remove the meta tag from the Template ,if you do so webmaster can't track your blog and can' give you new  information. Then You should do the same method get the Meta tag.

By : Sooji


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