How to make site map for blogger blog

        It was my own trouble for yesterday, after searching Google many forums and websites provide me many methods,most of them are wired one,that includes help from external website tools.But without the help of external tools myself added sitemap within 30 Seconds.Yes.That so simple Guys!.
First of all you Should verify your Website in Webmaster Tool .

  • Go to Home Page/ Dashboard of Web master Tool. Then Select your Blog that you need to submit your Sitemap.
  • Select Sitemap from Site Configuration .
  •  Select "Submit a Sitemap".
  • Now , Automatically your blog name will be show there ,Now jut suffix rss.xml and Submit it.

  •  Done it !. Look how Simple is.!It take some minutes/hours to Index .No need of External web tool..

By : Sooji


  1. you're Right- it's all about extremely genius. I am glad to found your site!!!

  2. Hi Haseeb,Yes it is simple but is it the best way?

    I heard about Google Sitemap Generator. Tell something about it.

    Thanks in advance. :)


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