How many blogs can i create in blogger

     Some peoples got crazy about creating new blogs and design it.But every one doubt about how many blog can create through . Actually you can create 100 Blogs per email account. If you need more blogs then you should create another Google account and create another 100 Blogs  .

    But how would you manage these blogs at a time ? Many friends of mine can't manage/update their few blogs itself.. So better you create One or Two ,maximum four blogs . Then only you can increase traffic and update well.If your website is out of date then it will reduce your daily traffic even you have good search result.
Once Visited user never come again to your blog if it is not updated.

   If you have many blogs then add other Authors to your Blog then they can also update your Blog. This may keep your blog live.

By : Sooji


  1. Good Post and cool information.

  2. Great post Sooji! Actually, I think 100 blogs is more than enough for everyone. Unless they create a blog post for a blog and leave it there? :)

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  3. Thanks Kumar.! Exactly they leave it there :)
    You have Good Music Blog.!Go Ahead.


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